Data Enhancement

Our data cleaning procedure undergoes several essential improvements. Each method is being formed remarkably for better execution. Lake Global Reach Inc. is the best in providing Data Enhancement services.

Data Enhancement is the way toward distinguishing and rectifying (or evacuating) degenerate or erroneous records from a recordset, report, or database and alludes to recognizing imperfect, off base, or unnecessary pieces of the information and after that replacing, altering, or erasing the messy or coarse data. Data purging might be performed intelligently with information wrangling instruments, or as cluster handling through scripting.

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In the wake of purifying, an informational index ought to be steady with other comparable informational collections in the framework. The irregularities recognized or expelled may have been initially brought about by client section blunders, by defilement in transmission or capacity, or by various information lexicon meanings of comparable elements in various stores. Information cleaning contrasts from information approval in that approval perpetually implies the information is dismissed from the framework at a section and is performed at the hour of passage, instead of on clumps of information.

We offer data enhancement services for both B2B and B2C. Our databases are carefully maintained and are available at the most affordable rates. Implementing a database can be challenging without a complete aspect of your customers. This gives your company more accurate understanding and resources for your customer databases, helping you make business decisions that can boost sales growth.

You must maintain a clean database to get the most of your existing data.

Data Enhancement services that we provide to improve your sales and revenue are mention below:

Data Cleansing

Lake Global Reach Inc follows a definite data cleansing procedure for data enhancement by using certain tools. Our process includes amending or removing irrelevant, incomplete, and improperly formatted data. Our team will make sure to provide a uniform and clean database to our customers.

Data Profiling

We are engaged in providing the best data enhancement service by delivering high-quality data. Within data profiling, we test the database for inconsistencies and review the existing data from the valid sources and collect statistics summaries for all your marketing campaigns. Data profiling is a long process we make sure to give you genuine data enhancement service ultimately enabling you to maximize return on sales.

Data Verification

To check whether the data is correct and exact we take a regular examination which is our data validation process, this process is carried out to maintain the quality of data and to avoid the data integrity issues. The process includes adding relevant fields to your customer data and cleaning outdated data, Scanning database, and maintaining the data and verifying the efficiency of data records.

Our data enhancement service is meant to satisfy your specific requirements and at affordable rates.

Data Enhancement Options include

  • Telephone numbers
  • Fax numbers
  • Residential or company address
  • Number of employees
  • SIC and NAICS code
  • Credit score
  • Enhancing data by analyzing, segmenting and aggregating customer data


Our rich directory holds over 75 Million business records from industries across the world. It carries an accuracy rate of 85-90% as it is updated on a regular basis to maintain and deliver persistence in reliability.

Our dexterous team of data scientists, analysts, and marketing experts has collated this database using highly precise industry-specific sources like Business Directories, Yellow Pages, News Letters, Government records, Trade Shows, and more.

We aim to maintain credibility and thus with cutting-edge technologies and using the research of years, our data experts update and verify our databases at a regular interval of 3 months.

Yes. We comprehend that marketers look for flexibility as per the unique requirements of their businesses. So, we facilitate them by giving the luxury of getting their database personalized as per the selects – SIC/NAICS code, company name, company size, designation, geographical locations, and more.


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