Strategies To Maximize Email Deliverability 2019

Is your email not perfect? Emails send but are they delivered. Your emails are considered worthy unless they make it to the inbox. You need to make sure your email is reaching the right customers and making their way to inbox rather than wasting your time and money just make sure your emails reaching the intended recipients.

The bounce rate does matter when it comes to email deliverability. It is really important to make sure the authentication processes are followed, set the DKIM, SPF and DMARC record is easily the most important tip to get a higher email delivery. This increases security and makes it a genuine email. 

Achieving high deliverability is a bucket list to any email marketer. You might have heard about using a good subject line, using engaging content, which is other secondary tips. But for email marketing, the most foundational level is email deliverability.

Strategies To Maximize Email Deliverability 2019


These factors are the most important for understanding and improving your sending reputation. To maximize your deliverability you should know these tactics

What IP address are your emails sending from or your domain’s sending reputation?

Everyone hates spam. They are a waste of time and clogging up your inbox, things that you never asked. There comes ISP (Internet service providers) into a light, as it’s a method for blocking called as spam filtering.

Strategies To Maximize Email Deliverability 2019


ISP filters mail by using reputation systems. These filters assess the IP of incoming emails to check the IP address is listed on an anti-spam database so they can block you from sending any emails. So it is a must to improve IP and domain reputation to improve deliverability. If your IP reputation is poor, the only way would be to change it. You can do that by getting a new email address and working on a good reputation for the new one. If the IP is neutral, you can improve it by having a proper sending workflow.

Avoid over-sending emails

The first thing you can change is to make sure you don’t send too many emails; this might cost you losing subscribers. Try to make the flow more steady and fluent. Just send the right number of emails.

Have you been reported on a blacklist?

Make sure your IP address is not on the blacklist. If you’re unable to send emails it is a good idea to check your status on blacklists.

Strategies To Maximize Email Deliverability 2019


Use Double opt-in 

The best way to save you from spam complaints is to go for double opt-in. All you have to do is send the confirmation link to a new subscriber requiring a user to verify their email address and confirm interest.

For best results in email marketing and to improve email deliverability always check the national legislation of the particular country engaging in any activity.

Also simplify the opt-out process for your subscribers, by allowing so you are making it easy for them to do so. If someone can’t find the way to unsubscribe they may mark your email as spam, to avoid such scenario you are required to give them chance to opt-out at any time as it is mandated by the CAN-Spam act.

What content is in your email? Is it relevant to your contacts?

Your content is the key as it helps to improve conversions, as you educate your leads and customers to build trust for marketing your business. As you are not reaching the right customers or your content is not relevant to your customers you might lose them. This will force them to opt-out from your subscription list. To avoid this and for maximizing the email deliverability it’s important to see that your content clearly explains the purpose and attracts more leads.

Segment by engagement

Your leads don’t want to receive an email for the masses. What they are looking for is personalized emails and which addresses their specific needs. For that you need to segment your target market by considering the following things:

  • Demographic
  • Location
  • Email history with your contacts

This might take your time but will increase your engagement and will improve email deliverability.

Deliver results

Your deliverability rate decides how successful you are at getting your mail into the recipient’s inbox. Once you sort this issue you can increase your revenue by creating engagement and powerful content in your email.

Follow the consistency with your emails

Being consistent with your emails doesn’t mean bombarding your subscribers with emails, sending them rarely isn’t a good idea. Experiment with sending frequencies see what works best for you and stick to that schedule.

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